Life After Graduation! -How to ace an interview-Tips/Tricks

So, all of you have been struggling a bit after graduation? Don’t worry you’re not alone somewhere all recent grads can relate to each other in some way or the other. Life has never been fair to anyone everyone of us is somewhere dealing with our struggles in different levels of our lives.No matter if you’ve got you’re first job or still struggling to get one we have all been through it and survived so Relax ! you just need to have faith in you’re self and push yourself little harder every-time you’ve been knocked down because that whats makes you stronger as a person. Lets be honest life is not bed of roses or at-least not for everyone in this world and that’s how it is. You just have to be consistent and to be contended,have this hope in you’re heart that sooner or later you’ll see the light at end of the tunnel, just keep doing the hard work and keep going no matter how many times you failed try to work on yourself try to understand your weakness and work on them maximize your strengths as much as you can. Believe in the phrase of New Day New you! and you’ll see drastic change in your lives and the way you think . Things to say in an interview to impress, down below i would like to add some job interview tips and tricks to ace the best interview tips ,

  • Know job description you’re applying to
  • Be clear in you’re head why you’re here
  • Stay determine and focused
  • Be honest about yourself
  • Know the company you’re applying to and what work they do
  • Its fine if don’t know anything say that you don’t know
  • Stop being ashamed about yourself we all have flaws!
  • Be Confident about yourself

At the end of the day we all sometimes you win sometimes you learn you never loose maybe next time you can do better stop cursing yourself. If you want to add something please feel free as i said we all here to learn! Until next time.

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