For the Love of Food-Top countries famous for food!

Calling out all Food Lovers out there, if you’re someone who loves to eat then this post surely for you.No matter if you’re who loves to eat or eat to live because you’ve landed on the right post that will definitely satisfy you’re taste buds.The all state famous food

Some Mouthwatering Food around the World!

Being a food lover you’re always looking to try out different tempting cuisines because nobody wants to stick same old routine food for days, so ill be sharing some all state famous food around so keep reading!.


Who can ignore oven fresh Pizza after a tiring day at work i bet no one.Italian cuisines not only taste good but it look good too with blend of colors of veg, cheese and exotic smell you simply cant resist it. Cheesy risottos, and pasta is surely irresistable. Best restaurants in Italy, you can have a look at some famous restaurants next time you go to Italy.


Mexican people find that food is more than nourishment for the body. It is linked with love and family bonding. You won’t get bored with their food; they have a little bit of everything, a combination of highly nutritional foods. They have enchiladas, tacos, beans, and the quesadillas, among others. Mexican Restaurants have to offer variety of food you don’t want to miss out.


Lets spice up little bit our taste buds, want to have something spicy that make you scream for water! then Thai Cuisines is best choice for you. Dine out in Thailand ,these foods literally bring the heat; they are spicy, crunchy, chewy, slippery, sour and salty all in one. Their dishes have five main tastes found in other foods across the world. Like most countries, rice is their main food. In fact, in Thai, the name “food” when translated means “to eat rice.”


With various range of Fast Food range USA stay on top of the list, it would be unfair to say that fast food was originated from USA. They have perfected the art of making pizza’s, hamburgers, French fries, and chocolate chip cookies among others.

If you’re in search of a destination with sweet and delicious cuisines from across the globe, then the USA ought to be your destination. Regardless of their popularity with dishes from other parts of the world, they have a couple of their own such as the clam chowder and Cobb salad. Not to miss Best Dine Out places in USA.

Do share you’re best food experience in life and let me know whats your favorite cuisines . What you simply cant resist!. Do check out my Travel Post to if you love to travel.

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