How to Write a Killer Resume That Makes You Standout!

Struggling to get a job? don’t know how to write a resume that makes you stand out among all Or you feel like you are stuck in your professional career here’s the lead. Your resume is what makes or break your job opportunity if you’ve got all the box tick in the list you are much likely to get your dream job you’ve always wished for. Know your strong suit maximize your strengths, highlight your skills make use of bullet points just to make your education and skills prominent in a more effective manner. Ever notice a blog? See what they do to grab audience attention by adding content in bullet points highlighting main elements. HR persons receive thousands of resume for a position if you don’t want your resume to go in a trash here is guide for you to  write a resume make you stand out!.But What is a Resume? and what you can do to make you standout, you have to make it so impressive to grab recruiter attention and compel them to call you for an interview!

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Tips/Suggestions that makes you standout!

  • Correct Contact Information- make sure your contact information is correct and mentioned at the top so that recruiters doesn’t have to search it. It should be mentioned in a proper manner, first should be your address  followed by your personal number and not to forgot your email address.
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  • Highlight Your Education & Skills- use bullets to highlight your skills and education, try to add more skills  that add value to your resume. One should never stop learning, every day led to new opportunity. As they say ‘every day is a new opportunity’.
  • Learn New Online Courses- start your new online course related your field. Do some advance courses there are multiple website offering you to enroll right away. Although few of them are free but trust me it is worth investing your money. How can you add this in your resume well, you can just add a section MOOCs to it and list it under the section in bullet. Some of the web are like Udemy, Coursea and many more do your search and start your course today!.
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  • Get your Certificate Course/Workshops/ Seminars/Volunteer- attend workshops, seminars gain valuable skills and knowledge that make you stand. Join any organization or NGO, volunteer this will add up your experience section and will be beneficial for you especially if you are a looking for entry level job opportunity.
  • Add Languages You Know- add up languages know and your command over it, try to learn new language if you can it will be a plus for you.
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  • Proofread Your Resume-proof read your resume before sending, make sure you have cover all relevant elements that fulfill job criteria. Make sure there are no grammatical mistakes so that it wont ruin the impression.
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  • Send Your Resume in Pdf- send your resume in pdf, rename it and add your name to the file. You can also add cover letter for particular job you are applying to.

So I have listed some of the essential points that make  your resume stand out. Fell free to add, because why not?

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