Pakistan Heaven On Earth!- Must Visit Places In Pakistan

It is better to travel well than to arrive.


What a life without travelling? travelling doesn’t merely mean you go from one place to another place, where your destination is known to you. To travel is to explore new places,destinations a place you have never been before! If you are a mediocre and cant afford to travel fancy place with your family and friends i have got you all covered! Pakistan, is one one of the most beautiful place in the world! no debate on that. If you are nature lover you must make arrangement to visit Pakistan,you will be astonished! to see absolutely breathtaking places in Pakistan.Now its not that Pakistan is my homeland and i am exaggerating here but you can have a look, just Google Pakistan destinations or best places to visit in Pakistan you will see it yourself that Pakistan is nothing but full of natural beauty!

Must Visit Places In Pakistan!

Pakistan is truly blessed when it comes to beauty,diversified culture vibrant colors and hospitality of people you name it this country is truly blessed. Some best Pakistan tourist places you must visit are Neelam Valley,Kaghan Valley, Hunza Valley.Well i have only mentioned few of the most visited places in Pakistan, there are several other destinations in Pakistan that are yet to be explored! is Pakistan to travel? Yes! recently United Kingdom have relaxed its travel advisory for Pakistan ,British Airways have also announced to resume flights to Pakistan Good News! Pakistan have become best place to visit,Pakistan tourist place are breath taking beautiful US travel magazine have also published an article placing Pakistan in top list of favorite tourist place in 2020

Neelam Valley-Paradise of Kashmir

One of the best places to visit in Pakistan is Neelam Valley,located in the northernmost district of Azad Kashmir. If you are some one who loves road trip then this place is must visit destination in Pakistan.So calling out all adventure lovers out there,adventure travel to Pakistan and you will experience some insane road trips in your life! excited much?. What is more interesting is fares are absolutely pocket friendly you don’t have to spend a lot of money to experience to fill your soul with adventure.

Image result for neelum valley"
Image result for neelum valley"
Image result for neelum valley"

Kaghan Valley

Kaghan Valley is located in Manshera district of KPK province of Pakistan. What interest the tourist here is beautiful Saif-ul-Malook, beautiful lake and considered Pakistan fav tourist place. You can easily hire a jeep to hop on and reach your destination.What more you can do here? well you can have trout fish and climb to Malika Parbat- which is the highest peak of Kaghan Valley cool isn’t it? Love trekking great! you can trek too if you wish to the lake. The absolute pleasure to mother nature is here. How to get their well there are tremendous tourist web in Pakistan you can easy make a trip to Pakistan and get interesting and cheap deals to Kaghan Valley. The best time to visit Kaghan is May-Sep.

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Hunza Valley

Beauty of Hunza Valley is most enchanting, you simply just cant take your eyes of such magnificent scenery. Your visit to Pakistan and to Hunza Valley is worth your money, one wont regret coming all the way to Pakistan just to visit Hunza. Why Hunza is famous for? well there are plenty of reasons. People of Hunza and food oh yes! you ready to have some delicious breakfast you ever had in your life? Hunza’s famous local breakfast ‘Gyal’ is traditional local breakfast,wheat pan-fried cakes with honey/fruit jam and apricot(local food ingredient) served with buttery hot milk tea mouthwatering ain’t it?

Serena Gilgit Hotel Breakfast

Local muesli is also served in breakfast and people of Hunza love their local food and it is one of their secret to stay young.Nobody want to die early right? you can increase your life span by drinking Hunza water surprized? well it is proven by the scientist you can increase your life span by having glacical water of Hunza its no jokes folks!Hunza Water is not a joke, it comes from Himalayan-glacial melt, has an unnaturally alkaline pH-level (meaning high pH), and “extraordinary levels of active hydrogen.”Boat ride to Attabad lake is another attraction for tourist,the stunning beauty of Attabad Lake (sometimes ‘Atta Abad’) is the result of a massive landslide in 2010. The lake rests entirely surrounded by towering steely gray rock faces of the Karakoram Range. The lake surface reflects a color of the most vibrant blue, you have to see it to belive it!

Attabad Lake in Northern Pakistan

So you already make up your mind to visit to Pakistan? don’t know where you can make booking and hotel reservations? no worries you can easily book your trip and pack your bags because a visit to Pakistan is surely not to miss! Pakistan’s beauty is worth to be seen once in your lifetime.

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