Blossom Season In Skardu-Pakistan

Who doesn’t love the cherry blossom season with being surrounded by beautiful pink and peach color flowers all around already getting the feeling right? well not only in Japan but blossom season in Skardu is also captivating, that can leave you absolutely breathless! what a sight to see, when you get to see the most enchanting sights of skardu beauty. Beauty of skardu is absolutely is as rare as you’ll get anywhere else in Pakistan. The spellbinding Skardu beauty is treat to witness. Skardu is situated in Gilgit Baldistan,Pakistan with most touristic attraction.But best time to tour Skardu valley is blossom season in March to April to capture the beauty in blossom season some breath-taking sights to see! Want to have some appricot,peaches and cherry with full of flavors that will leave you craving for more!

blossom season in skardu valle
Source: explore the beauty of Pakistan(facebook)
blossom season in skardu valley
Source: explore the beauty of Pakistan (facebook)
blossom season in skardu valley
Source: explore the beauty of Pakistan

Not only in Skardu valley but Hunza is such a sight in blossom season,Hunza beautiful valley is too is highest attraction for tourist. to book you’re trip to Hunza valley in economical prices for sight-seeing!

Top Attractions in Skardu!

The most attractive sights in Skardu valley is beautiful and captivating ptdc motel in Skardu is situated in the heart of city Gilgit Baldistan. The comfortable rooms in ptdc motel in skardu have a fine restaurant make the stay at this ptdc motel memorable. Moreover,you can Rent-a-Jeep, Satellite TV, Fax and Curio Shop facilities are available.Places of interest in and around Skardu include Shigar, Kherpachuo Fort, Satpara and Kachura Lakes, renown for deep blue waters and brown trout making them an anglers delight. Visit to Deosai plains is an experience for life.You’re hotel reservations at ptdc motels are exclusive.

  • Skardu Fort- Kharphocho Fort located on the eastern face of the Khardrong or Mindoq-Khar (“Castle of Queen Mindoq”) hill 15 metres (49 feet) above Skardu town. The fort provides a panoramic view of Skardu town, it is one of the ancient architect of Skardu. To have a better view on culture and heritage of Pakistan that leaves you spellbind, must visit cultural sites.
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Source: Summit Post
  • Khalpu Valley-Khaplu is the active capital of the Ghanche District of Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan.The central location in the district is Khaplu, that have a beautiful landscape with flowing blue waters and waterfalls.The people here are warm and welcoming, tour Khalpu valley for more adventures!
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Source: Paramount Adventure Club
  • Shangri-la Lake- Shangrila was named after a book titled “Lost Horizon” by James Hilton. The lake was renowned after the first resort was built on its bank. What a better way to spend you’re memorable time at resort with scenic views! book you’re favorite resorts with scenic views to experience.
Image result for shangrila lake
Source: World for Travel
  • Basho Valley- The valley name mean “hot water” in local language.The Basho Valley with its hot springs, is one of favorite places to visit. It is a medicinal hot springs.For the decades, the spa has become popular with the local people, who are even coming from beyond Hunza (15 hours by road) to soak in the 40-plus degree Celsius water.Basho is a beautiful valley in Skardu Valley at a distance of about one and half hour drive from the Skardu city. It is covered by the lush evergreen forest of different species, gurgling and trickling streams which make it a part of the heaven. The top of the peaks remain covered by the snow even in the summer.Tour for valley in economical prices and pocket friendly
Image result for basho lake
Source: Croozi

Pakistan is absolutely enchanting in spring blossom season which is surely not to be missed! for a lifetime experience of spring blossom tours to Skardu you should pay a visit.

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