Take a Break from Travelling!-COVID-19

Kind a off topic post ! The world seems to be in a state of panic as Corona-virus is declared by WHO as a pandemic. What a time to be alive to live in such a fear. With least human interactions and less going outside you can prevent the virus or at-least you can dogged somehow. This is not merely to create more panic, but it is about how can you prevent it as much as you can. What and how as an individual we can beat corona-virus, what measure should be taken to beat corona-virus. Corona-virus is now global concern and still with no effective vaccine, how can we prevent it in our daily live what measures to be taken to prevent it.PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE!

What are the do’s and don’ts in corona-virus outbreak should be discussed on almost every platform,the more awareness we can create to beat COVID-19 would be helpful for those around us and people we care for!

World seems to be in state of panic as people ave started stocking food items causing huge paucity. First of all we all should buying in bulk and only buy necessity items in a limit so nobody starves! care for others in such critical situation. Empty shelf-eves in UK were seen in last two days time and it shows clearly the state of panic we are living.

Do’s & Don’ts-COVID-19

The COVID-19 is incurable till date, there is no effective vaccine to cure anyone. It is essential to take measures those little daily routine that we are careless about usually ave now become necessity in our lives.

  • Use soap/liquid hand-wash
  • Carry pocket-size hand sanitize
  • Avoid handshake/hugging touching anyone
  • Avoid gatherings/parties/meet-ups
  • Wear mask if you ave symptoms of flu/cough
  • #Stayathome as much as you can

Corona-virus in Pakistan!

I believe there is no single state left with no corona-virus patient in the world.Pakistan is one of many states in the world to be hit by COVID-19! nevertheless, there are less number in comparison to others but it surely is increasing with each passing day. First case was reported in Karachi,Sindh in March 2020 traveled from Iran. Government of Pakistan is keen to take effective measures to fight back, schools,colleges and universities are closed before time. Awareness campaigns ave been started on social and electronic media as well. Isolation centers have been installed in hospitals for corona-virus patients, authorities are screening people coming back to Pakistan from anywhere in the world.Corona-virus is global concern today and it is spreading rapidly, it is effecting the world in terms of economy,food items,education and work places.

What you need to know,ow to know if you’re effected by the corona-virus! know the symptoms of corona-virus know the conditions and be safe and keep others safe too. Government have issued helpline numbers and isolation centers for corona-virus patients,if you are someone who as travelling history in recent days it is you’re moral duty to be in self-isolation for at-least 14 days. It is time to start thinking for others too,together we can overcome any situation.How to know symptoms of corona-virus?

Take care of hygiene and avoid socializing in such situation.Peace!

Coronavirus: Deadliest Disease

The outbreak of Corona virus continues to fear the world, as death toll in China rises to 213. WHO declares global health emergency due to corona virus,what we frightened us is there is no treatment for corona virus till date. What is corona virus?, What are the symptoms and how we can take precautions?.Corona viruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). Corona virus can be transmitted between animals and humans, keep away from animals!.Lets talk about some symptoms that can help us identify corona virus.These viruses were originally transmitted between animals and people. SARS, for instance, was believed to have been transmitted from civet cats to humans while MERS traveled from a type of camel to humans. Corona viruses are circulating in animals that have not yet infected humans.From where virus is originated from?, according to Chinese scientist the newly originated disease are Snakes-Chinese krait and Cobra.According to Chinese.health authorities are still trying to determine the origin of the virus, which they say came from a seafood market in Wuhan where wildlife was also traded illegally.

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Symptoms of Corona virus-Beware!

We all need to know this, what are the symptoms of corona virus, how can you identify even if you are not in med school,

  • Unknown incubation period
  • Fever
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Impaired liver and kidney function
  • Kidney failure
  • Severe cough
  • Pneumonia
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How To Take Precautions?-Must Read!

What we can do in our daily routine to prevent corona virus?, we usually don’t pay attention to hygiene little do we know how these small things matter and how it is effecting our health.Avoid handshake or physical contact, coming back home from wash your hand/face properly. If a person sitting next to you is coughing, cover your mouth with your hand it is in the air that you inhale.Avoid touching animals,specially street dogs/cats. So all animal lovers out there stop showing affection towards animals..

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What To Do To Stop It From Spreading?

No vaccine is yet available for this virus!

According to state media,Chinese authorities have effectively sealed off Wuhan in order to protect lives. Chinese cities also adopted transportation restrictions that may affect 56 million people.On the other hand several airline, United Airlines and British Airways have cancelled flights to China.Airports around the globe have started screening passengers. The aim is keep the affected person in one place so not to let it spread among all.

Airports around the world have introduced screening measures and some countries are working to evacuate their citizens from Wuhan.

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Be safe and spread the word!. Take care of your family and loved ones keep sharing symptoms and precautions.