The Glass is Half Full-Changing Perspective about Life.

As 2019 is coming to end, here i would like to add some of most motivated quotes i have read on the internet. We all have bad days and good days in life and that how it is.You gotta fight some bad days to earn good days in your life. Its about perspective, how you deal with hurdle in life do you see it as a test that is there to make you stronger and better person. Is is there just to prepare you for better tomorrow, do you see life as half empty glass or half full.I believe its all about perspective. It is about how you perceive anything that comes your way, if bad days doesn’t last for days similarly good days doesn’t last too. Nothing is permanent! it is how much you value things you are blessed with as they say gratitude over attitude.

Positive Life Quotes

Tomorrow is not promised so make most of it today. Cherish little things in life that comes your way. 🙂

Change your perspective and you”ll see change in yourself. Life lessons are taught without you being prepared for it. Drop down your feedback below!

Most loved quotes on internet!- Best Inspirational Quotes about Life

Just when you thought you need some motivation to fight you’re Monday Blues, here i come up with some inspiring quotes to lift your mood and kick-start your week!. We all need someone to motivate us when we are feeling down or when our boss or manager shouted at us for not being good enough to handle pressure at work. Similarly, if you are student and s stuck with you’re assignment and have dream about being the best among all then this post is for you!. Go a head take a first step because life is a journey not a destination and you’ll notice shortly how quickly it starts working for you and not against you. Top quotes about life

So work on yourself and fulfill you’re dreams you are good enough you are worth it! life is a journey not a destination

Never limit your self from being nothing but the best version of you. You are the master of your own thoughts take control of your life, life is a journey not a destination and excel it. Top quotes about life:

Yes! nobody can bring you down if you have will conquer checkout more on inspiration about life to boost your confidence. Top quotes about life :

Nobody said it will be easy you might fall, you’ll fail but how to overcome you’re weakness/fear is all you need to realize.

Do drop in you’re favorite quotes or how or what inspire you to go on in life and how you deal with life hardships life is a journey not a destination ,i’ll be pleased to hear you out.

How to Overcome Fear in Life-6 Useful Tips/Suggestions

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up”

Nelson Mandela

What you fear most in life? Is it darkness ? height? Or fire maybe . Are you scared of diving in deep water or is it climbing a mountain?. Whatever it is you’re fear is not bigger than you’re courage, you should know that what scares you the most in life is only the way you’re seeing once you change you’re perception about living. What life throws at you be brave enough to embrace it ,you don’t know how strong you’re once you give in and let the storm pass as it will make you strong once its over you will see radical change in yourself. Take a look in the mirror you’ll see the inspiration you need in you’re life, learn from your mistakes, talk to people around you you’re family, friends or anyone close to you but never give up on yourself. Take a deep breath and go for it!, you don’t  what you’re capable of until and unless you do it . There are so many things in life that we don’t do in our daily lives because of fear of failure, fear of not being good enough , fear that things can go wrong take that first step it will be tough but it will be worth it.Here are some useful tips or suggestions I would like to share:

  1. MEDIATE- spend some quality time alone, take a deep breath relax do some inhale exhale exercise for a minute or two. You can also join some yoga class if you want to.
  2. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR HEALTH- drink lots of water, eat lots of fruits treat yourself make yourself healthy breakfast, wake up early in the morning go for jogging  or go to gym regularly or pick alternate days.
  3. START READING- read newspaper, editorial, blogs or any book of your choice. Stay in-touch with world, read what’s new happening around the globe it may be about technological advancement or political or climate changes try to divert your mind.
  4. WORK ON YOUR WEAKNESS-  start working on you’re weakness ,no matter where you lack practice it more and more, stand in front of mirror talk to yourself practice public speaking increase your vocabulary learn new words. Expand your horizon.
  5. MAKE NEW FRIENDS-  go out meet new people with different language maybe or with different cultures, talk to them about their aspiration, achievements goals, ambitions learn from their mistakes take inspiration from them.
  6. PLAY A SPORT- play a sport,  it may be cricket ,football, basketball, badminton or tennis or whatever you like .Develop a new hobby  try to solve brain teaser or any board games like scrabble or word puzzle games.

So I have list some of the tips above you may agree or disagree or you might want to add something, please feel free to share your thoughts on it as it gives me sense of satisfaction that you people like it. Adios!