Positive Thought’s Amid COVID-19-5 Tips to Motivate YOU!

“The sky isn’t always blue;the sun doesn’t always shine. It’s okay to fall apart sometimes”.


With accelerating number of death global pandemic Covid-19 is a nightmare for all of us today,what we fear is the spread and increasing numbers of patients of corona-virus with no vaccine till today.The only way to contain is to practice social distance,isolation and absolutely no hand shakes! we don’t know what tomorrow might bring in our lives well tomorrow is not promised to any of us this is how life goes on we have to fight some bad days to live the best days of our lives! Every day we are hearing news about corona-virus flights are cancelled no traveling and deaths due to corona virus that sure is depressing, it’s seems like all of us are helpless and corona virus is beyond our control. None of the state is able to make the vaccine of corona virus that is curable it sure is frightening. We all know now that corona virus is everywhere now no county is corona free we have to live with this to fight it, this shall too pass what keep us motivated is positive thoughts in this situation. It is little do we have appreciate what you have before its gone too!

5 Tips to Motivate YOU! Amid Corona-virus Pandemics

In this situation i have come up with some doable tips/suggestion for you to keep you busy as well as motivated towards life. Well in this situation we are under lock-down situation due to safety concerns, different states have lock-down their country to save lives of their people! In these quarantine life we all are looking for things to do ad keep ourselves motivated and busy So i have come up with some suggestion/tips amid corona-virus pandemic

  • Make a Phone Call to You’re Loved Ones!

All of us are busy in our daily routine life Now is the time to cherish you’re loved ones whether near or far! You can ask them about how they have been? how’s their quarantine life going. This can also help you fight depression,anxiety or stress that you might be facing these days. It’s psychological fact to feel relax when you talk to you’re loved ones and friends is a good option to go with.

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  • Get a New Hobby

Great time to discover your new talent! free tie is best to discover something you’ll end up loving, it might be playing a piano or guitar for the first time or a indoor game? May be you’re able to do really do art&craft stuff or any other old hobby/passion which you left behind due to work or studies now is a great time to revisit you’re old hobbies.You ca check out tremendous DIY ideas on internet to help you polish you’re creative skills! Keeping indoor plants is also a good idea to keep up with positive energy around you during such pandemic or a be home decor ideas to keep you interested in the house without getting pissed!

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  • Home cook you’re meal

During this corona-virus pandemic countries have lock-down all the restaurants and public places to help contain corona-virus spreading. No KFC, McDonald’s at you’re service yo gotta cook you’re own meal, its good time to polish you’re cooking skills as well be it baking or cooking you’re regular meal. It’s always a good idea to cook for you’re loved ones ad sit together ad eat do maintain you’re social distance with youre loved ones as well to care of you’re health!

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  • Watch you’re favorite Netflix series

Catch up with you’re favorite Netflix series today or the one you left in the middle or a better watch or catch with latest trending series now streaming live on Netflix!

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  • Learn a New Language

Polish you’re skills add new languages to ore profile or resume. So get started with languages which are in demand and stay ahead being at home and put or step forward towards life too!

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Give you’re suggestion to add o below in comment box. Take care,Stay at home Stay Safe!

The Glass is Half Full-Changing Perspective about Life.

As 2019 is coming to end, here i would like to add some of most motivated quotes i have read on the internet. We all have bad days and good days in life and that how it is.You gotta fight some bad days to earn good days in your life. Its about perspective, how you deal with hurdle in life do you see it as a test that is there to make you stronger and better person. Is is there just to prepare you for better tomorrow, do you see life as half empty glass or half full.I believe its all about perspective. It is about how you perceive anything that comes your way, if bad days doesn’t last for days similarly good days doesn’t last too. Nothing is permanent! it is how much you value things you are blessed with as they say gratitude over attitude.

Positive Life Quotes

Tomorrow is not promised so make most of it today. Cherish little things in life that comes your way. 🙂

Change your perspective and you”ll see change in yourself. Life lessons are taught without you being prepared for it. Drop down your feedback below!

Most loved quotes on internet!- Best Inspirational Quotes about Life

Just when you thought you need some motivation to fight you’re Monday Blues, here i come up with some inspiring quotes to lift your mood and kick-start your week!. We all need someone to motivate us when we are feeling down or when our boss or manager shouted at us for not being good enough to handle pressure at work. Similarly, if you are student and s stuck with you’re assignment and have dream about being the best among all then this post is for you!. Go a head take a first step because life is a journey not a destination and you’ll notice shortly how quickly it starts working for you and not against you. Top quotes about life

So work on yourself and fulfill you’re dreams you are good enough you are worth it! life is a journey not a destination

Never limit your self from being nothing but the best version of you. You are the master of your own thoughts take control of your life, life is a journey not a destination and excel it. Top quotes about life:

Yes! nobody can bring you down if you have will conquer checkout more on inspiration about life to boost your confidence. Top quotes about life :

Nobody said it will be easy you might fall, you’ll fail but how to overcome you’re weakness/fear is all you need to realize.

Do drop in you’re favorite quotes or how or what inspire you to go on in life and how you deal with life hardships life is a journey not a destination ,i’ll be pleased to hear you out.